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Exterior mural paintings on walls, hoardings, and caravans - whatever surfaces need imagifying, for business, civic pride or protest.

I'm always on the look out for walls to paint, sometimes groups like Reading the Forest have an image they would like me to paint but have no wall in mind, so if you would like a mural its always worth contacting me, even if you have no money or image in mind, I might be able to match you up with someone who has.

Click on the images to see enlargements.

The Lyon Inn, 2020

East Dean writers, 2018.

The Mushets, 2014.

Broadwell Memorial Hall, 2018.

frack off our forest

Anti fracking mural series 2016

FCBC garage, 2019

West Dean writers, 2018.

Hands Off Our Forest series 2015

Dennis Potter tribute, 2017.

Slow down, 2016

Signage 1993-2019

Matt's truck, 2020

Reckless Designs, 2004, 2016.

coleford town hall mural by tom cousins
Coleford Town Hall, 2005 and 2019.

St John's Cricket Club 2020

nomad kitchen
Nomad Kitchen, 2011

Lydney Alms Houses, 2017

tiger eyes

Whose eyes, 2011.

They are us, 2019.

Bex's truck, 2018

The Shambles, 2001.

Oaklands Pool Hall, 2003.

Vaughan 2020

Hands Off Our Forest series 2011

Corrugated fence, Ross, 2009.

Ross Skate Park, 2014 and 2020

Mining in the Forest, 2002.


Cow Parade London, 2002.

Mutating mural, 2014-20

The Bradford collection, 1990s

Bradford Twin Town mural 1993.

Boarded up shop, Bradford, 1997

Independent Labour Party, 1993

Bradford Twin Town mural 1994

Shipley Paint factory 1991.
Leeds Craft Market 1995

1 in 12 Club, 1991.

There are a lot of advantages to being a local mural painter, its easier to help in the negotiations involved in setting up the project, to spend more time on a better local design consultation process, to take a day off when its raining or showers half way through the day, to identify and fix issues that develop with the painting a few years down the line, to judge how the well the painting acheived its goals and learn from any workmanship flaws in the the work.

When I've painted twin town murals its obvious there a huge differences in what is culturally taken for granted or will cause offense in different countries, this is also true in England regionally, it is easy to accidentally transgress.

The reason my earlier work is in Bradford is that I used to live there and still go back for the odd job. So if you are unfortunate enough not to live in the Forest but want a mural I can travel if I am inspired.

2020 calendar of my murals for sale, month to view pages, click on image to go to ebay.


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