To see more of the interior murals in restaurants, cafes, bedrooms, and houses, below click on the images

broadwell memorial hall mural

Broadwell Memorial Hall, 2015
warren james
'Warren James' Foutain Inn,
Parkend 2015.

Littledean House Hotel, FoD, 2015

'Sky', Aakash Restaurant, Cleckheaton, M62. 2000.

dog house mural

Dog House, Coleford 2015


Hungry Mrs Tig...
Coleford Rec Cafe, 2014

London landmarks in boy's bedroom. 2009.

Lucky Luke themed wedding mural,2005.

Rawson Veg Market 2001

Conservatory Landscape 2004

Aakash Function Room, 2014

perrygrove mural

Perrygrove Railway Cafe Mural. 2014

grimsby animal hospital mural

Grimsby Blue Cross Animal Hospital mural restoration. 1994

Mural in a private swimming pool, Leeds. 1995.

Plaster relief flowers.
I modeled, cast, hung and painted
these flowers. Private houses
. 1993.

Lahore Restaurant, Bradford. 1996

Hint of Pollock in blue, in bathroom. 2002

Matisse in lounge.

The Enchanted Forest', Pit Hill Environment Centre, Bradford. Mural painted down 2 long corridors . 1997


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