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Vegtastic Cocosit Wellywanging

At the Forest Food Showcase 2017, Mike May and I set up Vegtastic cocoskit wellywanging, a coconut shy skittles, wellywanging combo sport with the highest score of the day winning the Golden Welly.


Vegtastic Cocoskit Wellywanging, 1 min.

Turnip Tossing

At the Forest Food Showcase 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 Mike May, Jazz Cousins and me set up a Turnip Tossing Championship. This is a pole lathed turnip, with fabric foliage which is then thrown like a dart into a target drawn out on the grass by woodshavings. The highest score of the day won the Top Turnip Tosser Forest of Dean Golden Turnip.


Turnip Tossing 2 mins.

Jazz demonstrated and supervised a pole lathe, while a supervised the shaving horse and drawknife. We set up a table of wood work and crafts for sale..



Wedding Bookshelf Build



I made this bookshelf at a wedding with the guests, for the presents that were all books. I was asked not for my fine joinery skills but because I might manage to include and encourage everyone's efforts and ideas in a co-ordinated fashion. With bits of bark and willow weaving, metal beating, painting, crude joinery and more. 


Rewild Bodge Workshops

The Rewild Project has set up a bodgers workshop at the Dean Heritage Centre and I ran some workshops for them in 2016, the workshop series for 2017 is yet to be finalised, check for latest details -



Green Wood workshops

With Tom, Sarah and Jazzy Cousins at the Secret Forest,Clearwell.

We have done workshops making stools, hay rakes, willow weaving, bark stripping and braiding, in the iron age village in the Secret Forest.    

bodge braiding

bodge stool

iron age village

Secret Forest, located in the scowles opposite Clearwell Caves, Forest of Dean.


The tools we use are sharp, but relatively safe to use compared to power tools. Different tools suit different age groups. Jazz who led our interest in bodging has been bodging since the age of 9, seven years ago. Children having nimble minds seem to pick up the skills quicker than adults. Pole lathing is a fantastic exercise in foot/hand/eye co-ordination. Splitting logs accuratly engenders an appreciation of materials strengths and weaknesses and how to exploit them.


I have a First Aid at Work certificate and am regularily CRB checked.

To discuss workshops for your event, options, prices, etc email me or call 01594 836546