(About Tom)

Welcome to my DIY Environmental Issue Based Art Gallery. I have a few artworks on the go in between murals. I began by using art in an evangelical way - art as activism, art as propaganda, and art as ritual. But I have been focusing more on experimenting with eco friendly lifestyle habits recently.

2005 - ongoing






bodge rake cl

commonweal cash



1996- ongoing


2016 - 2021


2023 - ongoing










In 1972 J Beuys claimed 'everyone is an artist', meaning that existance is essentially a creative situation. I am updating that claim to 'Everyone needs to become an artist (if we are to avoid ecogeddon)', meaning if we surrender to consumer choice and cultural norms the human race isn't going to make it. Our government is the administrative arm of corporations, and they suicidally worship only profit. To this end I've been experimenting with DIY eco friendly creative choices - growing, bodging, recycling, renewable energy, money and education.

My success balencing criteria are, what's the eco price/gain of my activity, whats the effort/cash ratio, and how much do I like doing it.

I like art to be about the presentation/sharing of ideas, I present my art via this DIY gallery rather than traditional art gallery because the primary focus of art galleries is the commodification and copyright of objects/ideas, which is almost always in direct opposition to my aims and goals.  

Banner painted with Ecotrip Festival Group 1995.