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The Good Life?


In 2023 the price of food is rising fast. Food standards are low and falling - Glyphosate (despite proven in court to be canceragenic 10 years ago and quite possibly responsible for rising autism) use is high and rising, as are probable insect genocide chemicals like neonectides. Meanwhile the government has given the green light to genetic engineering experiments and agricultural use, frankenstein foods are on the way. They will shortly be in the fields near you and wrapped in generous quantities of plastic on the shelves of your local supermarkets. Its as if the govt and Health and Safety Agencies are the servants of the corporations, and not the people?!?

Grow and store as much of your own food as possible.

For 6 months I've been trying to explain project 'the Good Life' in terms of art, and failed again and again. Maybe this is not art, maybe its actually just about boycotting plastic wrap industrial agriculture and growing what you eat.

This was the design I wanted to paint for the Hunderton Community Garden mural, but to my surprise it was turned down, I guess people don't share my sense of urgency.