Hunderton Community Garden Association mural, 2022.

hunderton community garden association mural

This wall is the back of a row of housng estate garages, in front of a growing community garden with grass, veg patches and football goal overlooked by rows of houses on 2 sides and a low rise housing estate at the back. So the community consultation process had to be pretty thorough.

My original design was rapidly dustbinned, but everybody seemed to agree on a way forward, and after a series of emails, feedbacks and adjustments, everybody expressing an interest seemed to be happy.

This is a well used football goal, so I applied a varnish that claimed it was up to it, we'll see.


The consultation process ended up with a lot of other people's content, which I prefer to avoid. But when needs must. A copyright lawyer looked through my work a while back, and his feedback was not what I expected at all. For instance he says this is basically OK, you could easily argue the use of Disney characters here falls in the realm of 'Fair Dealing', Pastiche and Parody, Criticism and Review Act 1988.