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Bodged Chairs

bodged chair

Ash chair with kambaa (palm leaf) seating.
The steam bent back rests can be varried in thickness to be rigid or have a high degree of give.

bodged chairbodged chair ashbodged chair

I like the wych elm seating best, but wych elms and permission to skin them are hard to find. I like the kambaa too but it's a bit African for me, so I've developed this bendy slat seating style. It allows for a pleasing buttock roll.

All chairs are made without glue or nails. I use green wood and natural shrinkage to make the joints as taught by Mike Abbot.

The first chairs I made were 8 years ago, and have been in constant use without any damage.

Ash chairs with lime and wych elm bark seating, made by Jazz at Mike Abott workshops.

Bodged chairs made to order. To discuss styles, prices, production times etc email me or call 01594 836546

Bodge Rock, the sounds of bodging, 2 mins.

Top bodging site- http://www.living-wood.co.uk/