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This cheese rake was made to the specifications of Rod Smart of Smart Dairy.
It's made of ash, all dimensions variable to order. Uses no glue, compression and natural shrinkage joints only.

cheese rake

To see the rake in action watch this video, 'cheese rakes made to order'

It uses shorter pegs than I would use for a hay rake.
The head is thicker at the centre than the ends to enable a sturdy brace free joint to minimise cleaning. Due to ash's floating nature the increased weight of the head is not a problem.

cheese rake
The handle's grain markings provide useful depth measuring indicaters while stirring.
The handle is shaped following the grain of the wood maximising it's strength/weight ratio.

cheese rake

All rakes are assembled to order so all component parts can be chosen to suit the height of the user and size of cheese tank. Rakes may take several weeks to assemble if any component parts need pre drying.

To discuss styles, prices, production times etc email me or call 01594 836546

bodged rake

Traditional hay rake, with longer pegs, lighter head, and with u bend hazel brace.

Meanwhile, I strongly recommend Smarts' single and double Gloucester cheeses, all my family loves them. And Smarts Dairy demonstrations are superb; the equipment/technology, processes, end product and animals are fascinating. A tour that'll refresh most parts of any school curriculum.