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planting a coppice woodland 

In 2016 I organised the planting of one thousand trees at the Angus Buchanan Recreation Ground of Coleford. It was planted with local school and scout groups and a few public planting days. The tree types and densities are suitable for coppicing, mainly hazel and chestnut, with some stands of oak to be felled some time from 2065. The idea is that parts of the wood will be coppiced annually providing wood for community/education charcoal burns, green wood workshops, or for use at the rec. It's planted next to a small ancient woodland hopefully making it a more viable habitat area for a greater range of wildlife. The aim is that it provides just enough wood to enable the workshops, but not more so that it is self managing and incurrs no maintenance issues for the Rec. Funded through the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.


bodge coppice

In 2012 I joined a coppice group cutting one acre of mixed woodland, mostly for firewood, but also ash for bodging and I kept as much chestnut as I could for gates, fencing and woodsheds.



Artist David Behar put out a call for volunteers to help build some medieval scaffolding outside Gloucester Cathedral so Jazz and me went and lent a hand. Great fun building it, and it looked superb, but the scaffolding behind me did go up a bit higher and faster.



bodging oak carvingbodging oak carvingOccasionaly I give local sculptor Phil Bews a hand chainsawing off the sap wood of oak trunks for large public sculptures, and me and Jazz have done some carving on the offcuts.




If you have the need of a multi purpose artist/bodger etc email me or call 01594 836546