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Increasingly I have been asked to run art workshops and art projects in schools which have identified educational outcomes. Here's a selection of workshops I have designed, which I can repeat, modify according to taste, or even think of something new.  So if you're a teacher in need of biscuit cutting workshop or other do not hesitate to contact me.


'Global Mark Making'.

A workshop experimenting making 4 or 5 classic marks from cultures around the world. Each mark making section beginning with a Powerpoint presentation examining its historical, geographical, and cultural context with music. Followed by experimenting making the mark. These sheep were painted while looking at stone age hand smearing, aboriginal dot painting, Chinese calligraphy, Indian team pattern painting, and American action painting.

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'Computer aided design'

Google'd images manipulated in Photoshop projected live onto a surface for tracing and painting. In this case a fibre glass sheep. A very immediate way of building up complex graphics

(More about this project).


Water powered lego biscuit cutter.

'DIY Technology'

A 2 half day workshop for all the class. I showed the children a range of simple machines using different power sources. Then set the children the challenge of building machines made from KNEX to transport or prepare an egg from my chicken to my frying pan. We then road tested the equipment with real eggs. Cracking good fun.


'SEALS' animation

I showed children a selection of animations, got them working on some group animation exercises, and then they made their own animations illustrating 'SEALS' themes as discussed in class.

For Cinderford Artspace at Blakeney Primary School.