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Mural Whispers. Ongoing project, for youth groups, schools, individuals and groups between Bristol, Cardiff, Hereford and Gloucester.

In which people film building, painting, and demolishing a structure made from my dedicated and crumbling ash blocks, which then gets added below.



Dandelion, Mural Whisper 1. By Tom Cousins.

2 minutes. In which I start this project off, by building an ash block wall 5 x 3ft, paint it with dandelion and dandelion seed head, dismantle the wall, and then store it ready for the next 'mural whisperer'.



Graffitti Wall, Mural Whisper 2. By Felix and Ollie, with Jazz and Selina.

1 min 40 secs.



Bottle, Mural Whisper 3. By Ollie and Felix.

1 minute.



Marilyn Monroe, Whisper 4. Starring Selina, respect to A Warhol, Felix, Ollie, and Tom

44 seconds


Abstract Mural Whisper 5. By Selina and Laurie.

50 seconds.



Seated Man. Mural Whisper 6. By Sarah and Selina.

50 seconds.



Bits and Bobs. Mural Whisper 7. By Ollie, Felix, and Selina.

20 seconds.