Plyboard Sheep


The plyboard sheep, designed by myself, made by Abertillery Comprehensive School technology department.





 Abertillery Comprehensive School


St Illtyds Primary School


Bryngwyn Primary School


Sofrydd Primary School


Blaentillery Primary School

Abertillery Primary School

Millenium Primary School

Queen Street Primary School.


A sheep went out to all the feeder primary schools to Abertillery Comprehensive School and was painted by a group of Year 6 children. The theme for the sheep was global culture, to which end I had the children practice 5 or 6 different mark making styles from around the globe - stone age painting by hand, Aboriginal dot painting, Chinese calligraphy, Indian team pattern painting,  and action painting USA, and then they did their own thing mixing styles.

During the painting we discussed as much global geography, culture, cuisine and music as seemed to hold interest with that group.

The sheep then all met at the Comprehensive school as part of a global culture festival with music, singing and dance, designed to ease the transition tension from primary to secondary education.