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The Sheepscape prototype

For the Forest of Dean's version of 'cowparade', organised by Arts in Rural Gloucestershire, I made this prototype sheep, (the forest being known for free roaming sheep rather than cows). 2006. From this sheep a mold was made and 60 fibre glass sheep copies were then painted by people throughout the Forest.



Sheep painted my myself

'A Well Educated Sheep'

I painted this one for Cinderford Regeneration on the theme of 'Education', the sheep is painted as a blackboard with cross GCSE curriculum revision notes about anything pertaining to sheep.

Global Mark Making sheep painting workshops. Run by myself at Taurus Crafts, summer 2007.



Children's Workshop

Designed by myself and Claire Robinson.Click on images for more pictures


At Cinderford Artspace the kids artclub made some plastercine sheep.
Then painted backdrops for their sheep to be painted on.
got me to download images from websearchs which were instantaneously projected onto a sheep, rearranged in photoshop with added text.
the group then got on down to painting up a couple of fibre glass sheep.

For more about Cinderford Artspace go to www.cinderfordartspace.org/

To see more of Sheepscape go to www.ewetube.co.uk