Cardigan Fields leisure complex in Leeds asked me to make a prototype sheep for reproduction, and provided me with designs to paint the 8 fibreglass copy sheep. Cardigan Fields has every leisure facility you could ask for from cinemas, bowling alley, nightclub, restaurants and more.

Click on images to see close ups

james bond fibreglass sheep James Baa-nd
Designed by: Cardigan Fields website competition winner for Vue cinema.

Baa-bera the Lesiure Sheep
Designed by: X-lesiure
fibreglass sheep cardiganfields
fibreglass sheep lady ga ga Lady Baa-Baa
Designed by: Radio Aire
Earth Sheep
Designed by: Billy Davies
Kirkstall St Stephen's Primary School
fibreglass sheep globe
fibre glass sheep Kirkstall map Kirkstall Jigsaw Sheep
Designed by: Kirsty Nicholson
Kirkstall Valley Primary
Pyramid of Arts Sheep
Designed by: Pyramid of Arts group
fibreglass sheep pyramid arts design
fibreglass sheep leeds united Wolly Bremner
Designed by: Cardigan Fields
Dolly The Rhino
Designed by: Cardigan Fields
fibreglass sheep leeds rhino
plaster sheep The original Cardigan Fields sheep in construction in my garden.


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