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commonweal project

Robin Larkham built a beautiful trailer based windmill for festival power. I have been operating the bandsaw at the Green Gathering and the Druid Festival planking wind blown logs or ones cut down at my local cemetary.

cretan windmill bandsaw 

The bandsaw is a joy to use, when the wind blows you have to feed the log through fast to brake the windmill, but slow down as the wind drops, a kind of sailing/bandsaw operating hybrid skill. 


 My challenge is to work out how to use such conceptually charged but uneconomic planks.

1 Big Effort

alternative currency

This '1 Big Effort' currency is made of wind blown beech, painted with my own ink made from chimney soot. Each 1 Big Effort takes a big effort to make, so I value it at a half day of work. This currency is not invented by tapping a computer 'enter' key, it took as long to craft as I claim it is worth. I shall be releasing a second round of quantitive easing from Robin's windmill at the Green Gathering Festival and Sol Fest 2017.

alternative currency, DIY cash

450AD relates to a globally unique event in British history. When the Romans left taking all their money with them no one bothered to make any more money for another 300 years. It is the only known rejection of currency once it has been established. What will happen when London sucks all of the money out of the UK and sends it overseas again and there's none left? Will we live in poverty, make our own money or return to barter?

The Known (Log book of truths)

Blank pages for log book owner to add more knowns.