60 second film competition(About Tom Cousins)




coleford 60 second film competition

People brought a 60 second or less film on a USB stick inspired by Coleford (however loosely), to the Tapas Bar for upload between 5 - 6pm. The films were then screened from 6pm onwards, and judged by the panel including the Mayor, prize awarded and all finished around 8pmish. Judges decision was final, but influenced by a clapometer after each film.
10 films were submitted and they can be found at the following addresses -

Coleford in a cartoon, by Ben Thornton

60 Second film of Coleford, by Shirley Edwards, winner

Beeing in Coleford, by Jacky Smith

Teaser Trailer by Moss Davis

Hi, by Tom Cousins and Roger Drury (event organisers)

A Bad Place to Crash, by Laurie Cousins

The Day We Met A Dragon, by Jazz Cousins.

Other films were by Thomas Larcombe, Ian Woodward, and Samual James, but I haven't got links to these films yet, hopefully they're on their way.

To see more films by me -