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I first started using film to record environmental issue based artwork events. But lately have started to find I like using film to record murals, and promote my green woodwork/bodging. I've also started organising some DIY film screening events


Green Woodwork Promotional Films


'Cheese Rakes Made to Order' 4 mins. 2014.
My new range of cheese rakes in action.


'Turnip Tossing' 4 mins. 2013.
About the heritage sport of Turnip Tossing I'm reviving.

For more about bodging workshops -

'Bodge Rock', 3 mins. 2012.
The sounds of bodge rock, starring my chairs.

Environmental Issue Based Artworks Films

'The Four Lunches' 2004

10 mins. An environmental issue based artwork. I cook lunch using 4 different renewable energy sources and machines, on 4 solstices using seasonal locally sourced food to prove that energy is all around us.

Filmed with David Thornton, music by Mike May.

The Power of the People power station 2002

We installed a pedal generator connected to the grid at Taurus Crafts artist in residence gallery, the UK's smallest power station. 6 mins.

Collaborative environmental issue based artwork with Frank Jackson of Green Dragon Energy, filmed by John Belcher.

Vegetable Patch, 2 mins, 2008.
An environmental issue based artwork.

For more about vegetable patches -

Misc films

 Together we are strong. 2007.
My test film for an animation workshop series in Blakeney Primary School.
37 secs.

Onion Yutters, 4 mins.

The Rising Sun in the Forest of Dean, 2005, annual onion eating competition.

Music by Mike May, filmed by both of us.

First Flight, 2 mins 30secs. 2006
From nymph, to dragonfly and first flight.

Filmed and first edit by me, second edit and music by Mike May

  Mural Whispers, 3 mins. 2007. Local youth project. For more of this -

I was very pleased with this project, anybody wanting to explore the theme should contact me.