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I started vaping in 2013, and effortlessly gave up smoking. It took a lot of research to master the vaping technology, and in the process I discovered watching the politics of vaping unfold is fascinating. I couldn't resist starting a vaping cartoon series.

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Small local businesses are springing up globally to supply vapers with electronic cigarettes, who commonly believe they are a superior nicotine delivery system to smoking, cheaper and with no discernable health effects. Indeed there is increasing research suggesting nicotine may help manage anger and depression, aid cognitive abilities, delay dementia and alzheimers, and suppress some stomach conditions. Indeed a variation on the theme of nicotine - niacin, is currently added to breakfast cerials as a food supplement.

Global tobacco corporations are losing billions as huge numbers of smokers switch to vaping, and are seeking to regulate the e cig industry so as to corner the entire market and put small bizz out of bizz.

The pharmacutical industry is losing billions as people scorn nicotine gum and patches, and is seeking to have e cigs described as a medicine so as to corner the entire e cig market.

The NHS is in terror of e cigs becoming a medicine as they would have to make them available on prescription, and so they would like the technology be stripped of any sign of pleasure.

The global tax men are losing billions in tax receipts. Someone is else is going to have to cough.

Brussels is an unholy scrum right now, with billions of Euros, sterling and every other currency in Europe on the table, everyone is going in hard and fast. There are two things you can be sure of, no one is thinking about millions of vaper's health, and small businesses will not make it to troff. This is very likely to be a contender for one of the uglier episodes in the history of the EU.

Meanwhile people who professionally or passionately dislike and legislate against smoking, are struggling to come to terms with people enjoying nicotine without health implications. Will tea drinkers allow vaping at the table, or will they be sent outside into increasingly disappearing permissive smoking zones with the smokers?