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Following the defeat of the Govt's attempt to sell the Forestry Estate via the Public Bodies Bill in 2010, the govt commissioned an Independent Panel to review what should be done with the the Forestry Estate. The panel said the Forests are excellent value for money, great for social well being, should be protected from sale by a new Bill, and expanded. The Govt did not find time in the next 4 years to implement this recommendation. So HOOF are organising some events and a Forest of Dean MP candidates debate in time for the 2015 election in May. In support and to help advertise these events I painted 2 murals -

HOOF mural miners arms

Miners Arms, Whitecroft, Forest of Dean, 2015. 'Keep it Public'.

HOOF mural miners arms

The Miners Arms landlord had been a bit worried about how the mural might effect business, but afterwards said that everyone who came in loved the painting and the sentiment, so he was really glad he took the gamble.

Photos by Tom Cousins.

'Vote Stoat', Ruardean Post Office and village shop, 2015.


As I was up my ladder painting lots of people stopped to talk. It was noticeable that everyone (children, unemployed, employed, OAPs, disabled, smart or scruffy) expressed contempt for MPs, parliament and for political Parties. Parliament is no longer seen to be serving the social good.



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