'Heritage of Lydney',

Almshouses Lydney, composed and painted by me from artworks provided by pupils from Dean Academy, 2017.

Click play and then drag the 3D model around to see from different angles, use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out.

Almshouses Lydney Mural by Tom Cousins by Jazz Cousins on Sketchfab

A group from Dean Academy prepared artworks themed on the heritage of Lydney which I then composed and painted up. The component parts of the left hand wall are,a church window mosaic of a WW2 landgirl, a pencil drawing of the church, a painting of Lydney docks, Sabrina the Roman name for the celtic goddess of the River Severn, almshouse resident Beryl formerly known as the 'Queen of Panels' when she worked at the plywood factory, 2 women working at the plywood factory, the Lord of the Rings ring conceived at Lydney Park Estate by Tolkien, the dog from the Roman temple, a swan from the lake, Andy Lewis disabled Olympic gold medal winner, Lord Bledisloe who gave the land for the almshouses, and John Wynter a ship captain who pleased Queen Elizebeth the First enough to be given half of Lydney.

The component parts on the ceiling are different boats found in the docks, samples and quotes from the deeds of the Almshouse Trust, and a map of Lydney.

On the right hand wall is the Bathhurst Park fountain, a steam train coming out of the Lydney Town Hall where the Beatles played, a Watney motocycle, a Lydney Red and White bus, a golden syrup tin - the tins were made at a factory down by the railway tracks, and the memorial painting to the Lydney war dead featuring some of the names from the First and Second World Wars.


Lydney has an extraordinary amount of interesting history, the more we looked the more we found and people kept relating stories and facts right up to varnishing, but the wall began to run out of space way before that point. 

Students who entered artwork for inclusion in the Almshouse mural were

Yr 7, Eve Jones

Yr 8, James Frith, Maisey Popplewell, Pippa Manley, Harriotte Mills, Aleisha Maguire-Toombes, Saffie Maguire-Toombes, Eleanor Kiely

Yr 9, Taya Huxstep, Freya Fox, Joanne Martin, Ella James

Yr 10, Kara Drummet, Esra Kaplin, Grace Pearson, Dylan Williams, Trinity Weaving, Jez Barns, Codie Smith, Summer Elliott, Lizzie Laughton, Holly James, Kiara Stephens, Ellie Handscombe, Grace Chaplin, and Max Skipsey.

I managed to get almost all the artworks included apart from a couple which were very nice, but were awkward to muralise.



 To see more 3D, VR, and computer game work by Jazz Cousins who made the 3D model above of this hard to photograph mural go to