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Forest of Dean DIY Film Festival

At the multiscreen Subterranean Cinema at Clearwell Caves

5-9pm, Sunday 7 July 2013.

More than 20 films from underground to the stratosphere, past to present, work and play, fact and fiction, the Coleford 60 Second Film Competition entries, 3D mapping, and CGI animations, all played on loop so you could view at your own speed on 4 screens in different caverns. With Subterranean cafe.

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The following films were shown in Railway Churn

The Late Train, by Ian Woodward, 4 mins 13 secs.

Blood Test, by David Hugh Parnell, 3 mins 26 secs.

Bodge Rock, by Tom Cousins, 2 mins 17 secs.

Chilli Spin, by Kevin Barnes, 16 secs.

Coleford to Practice, by Stuart Kramer, 1 minute 53 secs.

Forest Scenes, by Shirley Edwards, 2 mins 56 secs.

Ident Captain Jack, by Kevin barnes, 1 min 2 secs.

Movie for Clearwell Caves, by Shirley Edwards, 2 mins 57 Secs.

11 Second Club, by Kevin Barnes, 48 secs.

Otter Hole, by Edvin Deadman, 5 minutes 53 secs.

The Three Challenges Part 1, by Laurie Cousins, 9 mins.

The Three Challenges Part 2, by Laurie Cousins, 6 mins.

Roller Coaster with Sound, by the Lomax family, 48 secs.

The following films were shown in BBQ Churn

Creo, by Moss Davis, 8 mins 28 secs.

Remember the Roses, by Colin Bell, 5 mins and 3 secs.

RiverReich, by Mark Moodie and Steve Hyslop, 7 mins 30secs.

Snow Video, by Ian woodward, 3 mins 45 secs.

Stratodean Two, by Mark Ireland and Cassie Phelps, 12 mins.

The Beach, by Oliver and Karl Lewis, 2 mins 3 secs.

Where Sheep Roam Free, by Tom Cousins, 4 mins 12 secs.

The Queen of Diamonds, by Abby and Danny Gabaldonni ,3 mins 27 secs.

One Small Person, by Laurie Cousins and Rosie Redwood, 2 mins 30 secs.

Monstrum 18, by Ian Woodward, 3 mins 47 secs.

In the very big sprawling cavern

Euripedes, by Mike May. 3D mapping to speech by Euripedes on greed. 3 mins.


In a tall deep cavern

the 60 Second Film Competition 2013 entries.


FoD DIY film festival

Above pictures from Remember the Roses by Collin Bell, Stratodean by Mark Ireland and Cassie Phelps, and Otters Hole by Edvin Deadman.

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